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Essence eyeshadows with hairbands


To be honest I haven't tried many Essence products. At the moment I am loving one of their lipsticks and one of their blushes. I will write about them soon. I saw these new Essence eyeshadows which come with a hairband as a gift and I decided to try them. The packaging is very interesting and attractive and I know that the teenage girls will like it.

Essence eyeshadows with hairbands, 11 tiffunny, 14 chilli vanilli

There's a lot of shades in the range and they are quite affordable - the price is around 2 €. I bought 11 tiffunny and 14 chilli vanilli. These eyeshadows look quite big but actually you get only 2,5 g. of product. They are advertised as being super soft and long-lasting.

The shade 11 tiffunny is a grey glitter. This eyeshadow was basically what I expected - packed with glitter that ends up all over your face and not very pigmented. If you need a crazy shimmery eyeshadow for a party and you don't want to spend a lot of money this may me exactly what you are looking for.

Essence eyeshadows with hairbands 11 tiffunny 14 chilli vanilli

Essence eyeshadows with hairbands 11 tiffunny 14 chilly vanilli

The other shade 14 chilli vanilli was a much bigger disappointment. I tend to use colors like this one a lot - as a brow highlighter and for blending. 14 chilli vanilli actually has a very interesting finish - somewhere between a satin and a frost. My problem is the formation - very powdery and not pigmented at all. You can get a good idea from the photos.

Essence eyeshadows with hairbands 11 tiffunny and 14 chilli vanilli, swatches

I am usually not overly critical when it comes to affordable products, but for a little bit more money you can purchase an Inglot eyeshadow with a good quality. What 's your opinion about the Essence eyeshadows?