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Четките Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set vol. 2


Every woman loves rose gold so last year Zoeva released a rose gold brush set called Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set. I really liked it, but I already owned most of the brushes included in it. I don't know how they did it, but last month Zoeva released another rose gold set which is even prettier than the first one - Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set vol. 2. When I first saw it I knew that it's just a matter of time for me to buy it because it's just gorgeous.

When I got it I was hesitant to use the brushes, I considered just keeping them on my dressing table for decoration. They're almost too pretty to be used for applying makeup. Finally I decided that they are just brushes and they are not limited edition so I can always buy another set.

Четките Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set vol. 2

The selection of brushes is very good and you have everything you need for your everyday makeup routine.

The brushes are a mix of light pink and rose gold. It's all about the details with this set and the quality is really good. So here are a few words about every one of the brushes:

Zoeva Buffer brush 104 old and new version

104/Buffer - Actually Zoeva changed the design of this brush. In the set you get the new version, but I own the old one too. 104/Buffer is supposed to be used for applying foundation, powder all over the face and mineral makeup. The bloggers did not like the old version of this brush, I read a lot of negative reviews. It wasn't very precise and it wasn't that great for applying foundation, I used it for the Guerlain meteorites. The new version on the other hand is great for foundation, all you need are a few seconds to apply it all over your face and get the perfect result. Women who are very busy and always in a hurry will like this brush, the lazy ones like me too.

126/Luxe cheek finish Четките Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set vol. 2

126/Luxe cheek finish - This brush is described as an universal powder brush which can be used for applying bronzer, blush and highlighter. I want to point out that this brush picks a lot of color. I really like it for bronzer, it's perfect for women with smaller face like me. It works well for applying blush too. I don't like to use it for highlighting because it's not very precise and picks a lot of product.

109/Luxe face paint - I adore this brush, it's perfect for contouring with powder products. I highly recommend it!

Четките Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set vol. 2

234/Luxe smokey shader - This brush is a dupe for MAC 239. I think that Zoeva's brushes pick up more product than MAC's brushes. 234 is one of the basic eyeshadow brushes that every woman needs in her collection. I use it to apply eyeshadow all over the lid. According to Zoeva this brush is great for smokey eye makeup. You can really use it for a lot of things and it's definitely worth buying. I own MAC 239 and the shape of the two brushes is identical.

228/Luxe crease - When MAC discontinued their 222 brush they broke my heart. Zoeva 228 is very similar to MAC 222, but it's not identical. The bristles are different. Zoeva 228 has a pointy tip and MAC 222 has a round tip. You can use this Zoeva brush to apply eyeshadow in the crease and for blending. It's still a good brush.

Четките Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set vol. 2

226/Smudger - This brush is for smokey eye makeup. I rarely do such makeup looks. I use it to smudge my eyeliner and to apply eyeshadow on top of it, it works well.

317/Wing liner - I wear gel eyeliner every day and I am always happy to try new brushes. I like this one, it's easy to use, you can apply a thin line and it makes doing the wing very easy.

322/Brow line - I am not one of those women who do their brows every day. I do them only when I feel like it. This brow brush works great for me.

Четките Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set vol. 2

In addition to the brushes in this set you get a pretty rose gold pouch. You can get the brush holder on a discounted price too. I took advantage of this offer, because I just needed one.

Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set vol. 2 is really a beautiful brush set. It can be a great gift for someone or for yourself. You mainly get brushes for applying powder products in this set. There aren't brushes for concealer and for cream blushes. I think that it's definitely worth it!