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Hourglass Ambient lighting edit


I really wanted to try the all so famous Hourglass Ambient lighting powders, but I was so confused about which one to purchase. When I saw online the promo photos of this palette I was very intrigued and I ended up buying it. It contains 3 powders, two of their popular blushes and a bronzer. The main complain about this palette is that it’s a bad value for money and you don’t get enough product. It’s true. Each of the powders is 1,4 g., the size of an eyeshadow. But for someone with a big makeup collection or a beauty blogger this palette is the perfect opportunity to try a few of the popular Hourglass products. You can still use your blush brush, the palette is not that small.

Hourglass Ambient lighting edit palette

Hourglass Ambient lighting powders

In this palette you get three shades - from left to right Diffused light, Iridescent light, Dim light. Iridescent light is a highlighter, the other two are finishing powders. The finishing Ambient lighting powders contain small shimmers. You can’t see them during the day, but under artificial light you can spot them on your face. The effect is subtle, but every time you move the shimmers catch the light and brighten your face. So your skin does not look like a human skin, it looks a little bit better. The Ambient lighting highlighters have more visible shimmer in them.

Iridescent light is a very subtle highlighter, it’s great for everyday use. For me the finishing powders are much more interesting. They are supposed to blur imperfections and wrinkles. Dim light is my favourite and it’s great for people with fair skin. Diffused light is too dark for me, but I can still use it for some light contouring.

For me this powders are a product similar to the Guerlain meteorites, you either fall in love with them or you think they do absolutely nothing. I actually don’t think they blur my imperfections, but I definitely see the brightening effect. I read a bunch of negative reviews online by women who haven’t seen a difference in their skin.

These powders are finally milled and very light on the skin, but they allow layering. Another thing I noticed is that they are very long-lasting on the skin. I can’t really comment on how good are they in mattifying because I don’t have oily skin and shinning is not something I have to deal with. If you are looking for an everyday highlighter you’ll like the more shimmery Ambient lighting powders. If you are curious about the finishing powders ordering online can be tricky because you may not pick the right shade or see any effect on your skin.

Hourglass Ambient lighting powders swatches - Dim light, Iridescent light, Diffused light

Ambient lighting blush

I liked the blushes much more than I expected. Mood exposure is a mauvy kind of shade, it’s similar to Benefit Rockateur. Luminous flush is a fresh pink shade. The Ambient lightening blushes also contain small shimmers and brighten the complexion. They last a long time and I quite enjoy them. Max Factor have blushes that are supposed to be dupes for these, but I haven’t tried them yet. They are not yet available in Bulgaria.

Ambient lighting bronzer

In the palette I got the bronzer Luminous bronze light. This product is a Jennifer Lopez kind of bronzer. You can’t use it for contouring and it’s quite shimmery. Such bronzers are kind of hard to find and if you are looking for this effect you’ll like it. Sadly I can’t rock the J. Lo. look.

Ambient lighting blushes in Mood exposure, Luminous flush, Ambient lighting bronzer Luminous lightThe products in this palette are paraben free, talc free, fragrance free, nanoparticle free and gluten free. The packaging is beautiful and this palette can be a gorgeous gift for someone.