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Zoeva En taupe palette


I quite like the taupe cool toned eyeshadows so when I heard that one of my favourite brands Zoeva are releasing a palette with only taupe shades I was very excited. I am impressed with the fact that Zoeva continue to come up with such original palettes.

En taupe contains 10 eyeshadows 1,5 g. each. This palette comes in the most impressive packaging of all Zoeva palettes. I didn’t get samples of their eyeshadow fix with this one though. The price is 17,50 euro.

Zoeva En taupe palette

One of the shades in the palette Outline is basically identical to MAC Satin taupe, I kind of expected that. The whole Zoeva palette costs as much as this popular MAC eyeshadow so this fact alone can justify its purchase. Another MAC Satin taupe dupe that I’ve discovered is Ingot Pearl 402.

Zoeva En taupe palette

En taupe is an everyday palette, there aren’t many dark or shimmery shades. One of the eyeshadows is not pigmented at all, but I guess Zoeva are aware of this because the shade is called Sheers & Voiles. In the palette you get a matte highlighter Stich by Stich and a transition shade Hour by Hour, which is quite handy. Two of the eyeshadows Handmade and Gallery are quite powdery and there’s some fallout while you’re applying them, but after that I have no problems with them. Spun Pearl is a silvery grey shade, it is not completely opaque, but I like using it in the inner corner of the eye and in the middle of the lid so I ended up liking it after all. The dark shades are really pretty and pigmented. The eyeshadows blend well.

Zoeva En taupe palette, Mac Satin taupe dupe

Zoeva En taupe palette, Inglot Pearl 402, MAC Satin taupe dupesYou’ll enjoy this palette if you like taupe eyeshadows and you are looking for an everyday palette. If you are wondering if it’s similar to UD NAKED 2, they actually have nothing in common. I won’t recommend this particular palette if you are buying your first Zoeva  palette because I don’t think that it’s the best one. My favourite is Rose Golden (my review here). I just bought Cocoa Blend, but I haven’t worn it enough yet. I know that it’s the most raved about. Another Zoeva palette that I’ve written about is Naturally yours here

Zoeva En taupe - swatches