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Some books


Lately I was not in a mood to write about books. One of the main reason was that I finally invested in a DSLR camera so I was much more interested in writing beauty posts because they have photos.

If you follow my blog for a while you probably know that I am not very consistent when it comes to my blog series. I realised that I kind of like writing my “What I read this month” posts so I decided to continue this series. In this post I’ll talk about a few books that I read in September.

1. Daughter of deep silence by Carrie Ryanthree stars

Page number: 385

Publication date: May 2015

Translated in Bulgarian: no

"I’m the daughter of murdered parents.

I’m the friend of a dead girl. I’m the lover of my enemy.

And I’ll have my revenge."

Daughter of deep silence sounded like a very interesting story, it’s about revenge. Who does not like a good revenge story! The book is well written and it’s easy to read. I am not impressed with the characters and the storyline though. The main character Frances is on a luxury cruise liner with her parents when the ship is attacked. The only survivors despite her are the boy who she likes Grey and his father. Her parents are murdered and her best friend Libby is dead too. The weird thing is that Grey and his father act like the whole thing was an accident, not an attack. Libby’s father offers Frances to take the identity of his daughter. A few years later Frances starts looking for answers and seeks revenge. Daughter of deep silence had a lot of potential, it’s written by a good author, the idea is good. Sadly the characters are not well developed and the story is a bit boring. I don’t even remember it any more.

2. Sweet (Contours of the Heart Book 3) by Tamara Webberfour stars

Page number: 346

Publication date: April 2015

Translated in Bulgarian: no, but the first two books in the series are published so let’s hope they translate this one too

Contours of the Heart is my favourite young adult series. I really enjoyed the first two books Easy and Breakable. I’ve written more about them here and I highly recommend them. The third book Sweet is about different characters so you don’t need to read the first two books to read this one. The main characters are Pearl and Boyce, they first appear in the second book Breakable. I really like Tamara Webber’s writing and I think she does a great job in developing her characters. Sweet is a very sweet love story, I can’t say that the storyline is something remarkable. I like the first two books in the series more than this one so I advice you not to skip them. I was so excited to read Sweet and I am not disappointed.

3. After by Anna Toddtwo stars

Page number: 592

Publication date: October 2014

Translated in Bulgarian: yes

There’s been a lot of talk about the book After so I just had to read it. Anna Todd publishes this book on Wattpad and not it’s a bestseller. After is a fan fiction, some of the characters are inspired by the members of the band One direction. Before finally picking up this book I read a lot of negative reviews. The main problem that the readers seem to have is the toxic romantic relationship in the book. Unfortunately I have to agree. There’s a domestic violence in this book. The only thing stopping me from giving this book one star is that the end is realistic. After is a first book in a series and I am not reading the other books. There are toxic relationships in Fifty shades of Grey and in Twilight, but I personally consider this two novels fantasy. Stephanie Mayer even published a new book with the characters genderswaped. I am not planning on reading it, but I am curious to read the reviews. I didn’t like the characters in After. The book is well written and easy to read, but that’s the only good thing I can say about it.

4. The book of Ivy by Amy Engelfour stars

Page number: 304

Publication date: November 2014

Translated in Bulgarian: no

The fans of Divergent are going to love this book. I quite enjoyed it and I can’t wait for the second and final book to come out in November. After a nuclear war only a small group of people survives. Then there’s more conflict over which family should govern the new nation. A family wins and peace is maintained by marrying the daughters of the losing side to the sons of the winning side. Ivy is the daughter of the leader of the losing side. She is supposed to marry the son of the current President. Her family’s plan is actually for her to kill him. This book is easy to read and I recommend it if you like young adult dystopian stories.