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Rouge Dior Brilliant 999


I am quite impressed with the latest Dior lip products. At the moment I am using the lip gloss Rouge Dior Brilliant and I really like it. These lip glosses were released earlier this year. I have the shade 999 which is a classic red colour. This is one of the popular Dior shades, you can get it as a lipstick, a lip liner and a nail polish too.

The packaging is elegant and simple and at the same time looks kind of luxurious. You get 6 ml. of product. Rouge Dior Brilliant is a hybrid between a lip gloss and a lip balm. This is one of those products that improve the condition of your lips if you wear them every day. My lips are very dry so I really like the formulation. It’s supposed to contain oils, but they don’t explain which ones and I don’t see them among the ingredients.

Rouge Dior Brilliant 999

The formulation is light weight and a little bit watery so there’s some feathering with the brighter shades. You’ll need a lip liner with the dark colours. This product is not particularly long-lasting, it lasts on me around 3-4 hours. There’s a light scent to it which reminds me of the scent of the Nivea products, the Rimmel Moisture renew lipsticks smell similar.

These glosses are supposed to plump your lips, but I neither feel or see any effect. The shade 999 has some micro shimmer in it so it creates the illusion of fuller lips. According to Dior this product comes with a revolutionary applicator, to me it looks the same as the applicator of the Rimmel Apocalypse lip lacquer.

Rouge Dior Brilliant is a nice product if you are looking for a lip gloss for everyday use which takes care of your lips. I advice you to pick some of the lighter shades so you don’t have problems with the thin formula These lip glosses are Dior’s alternative to Chanel Glossimers so if you like such products you’ll love them.

Rouge Dior Brilliant 999 - review and swatches