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Jack Black lip balms


I’ve been wanting to try the lip balms by the brand Jack Black for a long time. These are Temptalia’s favourites, Christine uses them to recover her lips after swatching all the lipsticks. Unfortunately this product is pretty hard to find. I didn’t buy mine in Bulgaria. I got two, just in case this lip balm turns out to be amazing. The aromas I have are the original Natural mint and Grapefruit.

The lip balm comes in a blue tube which is much better than a jar. Another thing that I like is that the packaging is transparent so you can see how much product you have left. You get 7 g. in the packaging.

Jack Black lip balmsMy lips are very dry and sometimes after wearing a matte lipstick the whole day or when I forget to apply a lip product in the morning, my lips are just in terrible condition. Jack Black is a lip balm that is perfect for these moments. I apply it and after 3-4 hours my lips look and feel amazing, on top of that they are soft and hydrated for days afterwards.

This lip balm contains mineral oil, but all SOS lip balms I’ve used contain it. This ingredient helps to soften the dead skin so you can exfoliate the lips only after few hours. My main problem with mineral oil is that it can disturb the oil balance of the lips. When my lips are very chapped I really don’t mind using it because they are obviously too dry. I avoid it in everyday lip balms though.

Jack Black lip balm ingredientsAt first I thought I won’t like it because the formulation is very lightweight. It reminded me of the L’OCCITANE lip balms (I have a very old review here), but the difference is that the Jack Black one actually works. The reason I thought that they are so similar is probably the fact that both of them contain shea butter.

The mint flavoured one Natural mint has a cooling effect on the lips when you apply it, the other one does not. You can get this product in a few flavours. I guess only the mint one has a cooling effect. The lip balm has SPF25.

The product works like a charm and it recovers you lips completely. If it wasn’t so hard to get I would buy more flavours.