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You by Caroline Kepnes


“Hypnotic and scary” - Stephen King

This is another book I’ve been wanting to review. You by Caroline Kepnes was one of the bestsellers of 2015. I was very happy when it was published in Bulgarian in August last year. The book is definitely unique and very different from everything I’ve read before (except maybe The secret history by Donna Tartt).

The main character is Joe, who works in a bookstore. One day he meets a girl called Beck. At this point you may think that this is a love story, but you are wrong.
What’s unique about this book?

- The reader is in Joe’s head, and Joe is bad.

- Joe is actually a stalker, you realize it in the first chapters. He uses social media to get information about Beck. This definitely makes you think about how much you share online.

- The writing style is very interesting, Joe speaks to Beck using the word “you”, which makes you feel like he stalks you.

- Joe is quite charming and at some point you realize that you are on his side.

I liked the first half of the book, but I had some issues with the second. None of the characters is actually a good person. Beck is not the typical victim, she has a lot of flaws. The reason is probably because Kepnes wants you to be on Joe’s side. He is indeed the most likable character in the novel. The book is a bestseller and all readers are in love with Joe. Another one of my problems is that I actually didn’t like him that much.

It was fascinating to read about how a stalker can use social media. I think that the book gives you some food for thought.

I rarely read psychological trillers. All fans of the genre I know loved this book. If you are like me, and don’t enjoy scary stories, you can still read You. The disturbing thing about the book is that this can actually happen in real life.

You is definitely an interesting read. There’s even a sequel called Hidden bodies.