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First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads


It’s a new year, I won’t be doing any round-up posts this year. I realized that I haven’t written enough about skincare in 2016, so the first post is about a skincare product.

I’ve been using First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (link) for almost half a year now. These are pads soaked with a liquid and are supposed to exfoliate the skin. You use them after you wash your face and they remove the dead cells. Exfoliation escalates skin’s natural renewal process and also ensures that the products you apply next soak deeper into the skin.

Radiance Pads contain a mix of glycolic and lactic acids. These ingredients are not in high concentration, at least in my opinion. I had no reactions and didn’t see any “Wow” results. After a continuous use I noticed that my pores are less visible. I don’t think that this product has any effect on fine lines. It is quite gentle and is intended mainly for exfoliation, it keeps the skin in a good condition.

I used these pads during the summer months, and to be honest, I forgot the sun protection a few times. I didn’t burn, but I got some new freckles this summer. I don’t advice you to follow my bad example, the lactic and glycolic acids make skin photosensitive. We don’t always see the damage that the sun does to the skin. Radiance Pads require wearing a high SPF every day.

This product also contains hyaluronic acid and some plant extracts. Radiance pads are more like a mix of good ingredients, which are not highly concentrated. If you are used to stronger products, you may find them useless. They are great for people who are new to chemical exfoliators, or for people, who want a product, which can be used daily. First Aid Beauty released a new more harsh version of these pads Facial Radiance Intensive peel, but I haven’t tried them yet.

I’m finishing this box of 60 pads and the ones at the bottom haven’t dries out. Buying the bigger packaging is the better option, you’ll save money. At first I thought that the pads are too thin, but they do a great job.

Overall I like this product, it’s gentle and does not contain alcohol. I would purchase it again.

First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads