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byTerry Ombré Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze Moon and KIKO Long Lasting Stick in 05 Rosy Brown


January is the gloomiest month of the year so naturally I started going through the photos on my computer, which I keep for such cases. There were a few options, but I decided to write about these eyeshadows today, because the post is already a year and a half overdue.

byTerry Ombré Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow in the shade Bronze Moon

It was such a dilemma whether or not to order this eyeshadow, mainly because of the price. It gets a lot of buzz in the blogging world and I was intrigued by the claim that it is very long-lasting. I have oily eyelids and I use an eyeshadow base on a regular basis. I managed to get the shade Bronze Moon during a sale, so it wasn’t crazy expensive, just very expensive.
My expectations for this product were very high. Bronze Moon is a bronze shade, its finish is metallic. I like the concept of these eyeshadows, they can be used as an eye pencil too. Bronze Moon applies evenly and blends easily. It lasts a long time on my oily eyelids without creasing. I would say that it is waterproof, but it does not perform well when the weather is too hot. If you are at the beach or in a disco and you’re dancing and stuff, the formulation changes and starts melting and creasing. The product is definitely nice, but I don’t think it’s worth the money. On top of that, you get only 1,64 g.. I wouldn’t purchase another shade.

Applied on its own, Ombré Blackstar  lasts a long time. You can put another eyeshadow on top, but without a base, it will crease.

byTerry Ombré Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze Moon and KIKO Long Lasting Stick in 05 Rosy Brown

KIKO Long Lasting 8h No-Transfer eyeshadow in the shade 05 Rosy Brown

This eyeshadow is considered a cheaper dupe for the byTerry one. I own the most popular shade Rosy Brown, which is supposed to be absolutely the same as byTerry Ombré Blackstar in the color Misty Rock. I rarely wear the eyeshadow by itself, I usually combine it with pinky neutral eyeshadows like the ones in the UD NAKED 3 and the Zoeva Rose Golden palette. Applied this way, the KIKO eyeshadow creates the illusion of liquid rose gold. The byTerry Ombré Blackstar eyeshadow has a smooth metallic finish. The KIKO one, in comparison, is made of very finely mild glitter. In general, when it comes to KIKO, you can expect some serious shimmer. These eyeshadows are supposed to last 8 hours. This is not the case for me, but I have oily eyelids and this does not surprise me. Also, I rarely wear them by themselves. The eyeshadow applies and blends well. You get 1,64 g. of product here too. The writing on the packaging wears off, which is kind of annoying. This product is definitely great value for money and if you are curious about this type of eyeshadows, this is the one I would recommend.

I like both of these products more than the Laura Mercier alternative (review here) because these blend so much better.

KIKO Long Lasting Stick in 05 Rosy Brown and Zoeva Rose Golden palette