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  • 2017-05-29
Tom Ford Lips & Boys lipstick in the shade 46 Collin

You all know by now how much I love lipsticks. I’ve been wanting to try the Tom Ford ones for ages, but they are quite pricy. What’s so special about this lipstick after all? When the Lips & Boys range was released, I know it was the right time for me to finally try them. These lipsticks are smaller than the standard Tom Ford lipsticks, you get only 2 g., but the price is more affordable. They are at the same price point as Chanel and Dior’s lipsticks and s.o..

The packaging

The packaging is in black and gold and it’s quite stylish, the Tom Ford logo is carved on the lipstick itself. You get only 2 g. of product, but the the bullet is quite convenient to use. The packaging looks really small compared to my other lipsticks.

The shade

I chose the shade 46 Collin, which is a really pretty neutral color. I think that it will look great on anyone. It was originally released with a previous Lips & Boys collection, but now it’s back in stock. I liked a lot of the colors and it’s hard to choose just one, it’s a shame that they are so pricy.

The formulation

I really tried to convince myself that this lipstick isn’t anything special, but the truth is that I really like it. It applies like butter, it’s completely opaque in one coat and it nourishes the lips. It lasts around 5 hours on me, not bad for a creamy formulation.

In conclusion

Tom Ford Lips & Boys are definitely lovely, but they are pricy too. There are other nice lipsticks, which are cheaper. The colors of the Tom Ford lipsticks are gorgeous and the formulation is on point. If the price is not an issue, I definitely recommend them.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys lipstick in the shade 46 Collin swatches