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  • 2018-12-29
MAC lipstick in the shade Sultriness


 I'm a huge fan of the MAC lipsticks and I'm always excited when I hear there's something new on the horizon. Powder Kiss is a new matte formulation, which is supposed to not dry out your lips. I ordered online the shade Sultriness a month ago. I guess the lipsticks should be already available here in Bulgaria but I haven't checked.

I definitely like this formulation but I have a few issues with it too.

Things that you may not like

  • This is the only MAC lipstick that does not smell nice. You can sniff the standard vanilla flavour but it's kind of chemical. Fortunately you can smell it only while you are applying the lipstick.
  • The shade I own does not last long on the lips. After around 3 hours it's all gone. I suspect that the bright shades are more long-lasting.

I like the lipstick because:

  • The formulation is interesting - I own a lot of lipstick and I appreciate the new never before seen products. The formulation is new on the market, it feels like a mousse on the lips. It's a matte finish so it emphasises the imperfections of the lips.
  • It does not dry out my lips - This lipstick feels hydrating while you are applying it.
  • It's in a matte packaging - The new MAC Powder Kiss lipsticks come in the standard packaging but it's in a new matte finish. This excites me (I have no idea why).

In a nutshell

People who own a lot of makeup and want to try something new would like the Powder Kiss lipsticks. The big issue with this product is the longevity. If you are after a lovely matte lipsticks the standard matte MAC formula is still the better option.

MAC lipstick in the shade Sultriness swatches

P.S. The product is bought with my own money.