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  • 2022-11-13

Catrice 5 IN A BOX palettes

We finally got the Catrice 5 IN A BOX mini palettes released in Bulgaria. I’d read online that they are dupes for the Natasha Denona eyeshadows so I bought two palettes - 010 and 070.

How they compare to the Natasha Denona eyeshadows?

Catrice 5 IN A BOX are not dupes for the Natasha Denona mini palettes. The resemblances are only in the packaging and in the two shimmery eyeshadows included in the palettes. The mattes are purely pigmented, that’s not unusual when it comes to drugstore eyeshadows. You can apply the shimmers with your finger but they are not as intense as are the Natasha Denona shimmers. The alternatives to this eyeshadow formula from other brands that I’ve tried dry out in the palette very quickly. I had an Urban Decay palette with such shadows (review here) and I had to trow it away after a year. I don’t own these Catrice palettes for long enough to comment regarding this issue. My personal opinion is that at the moment there are no alternatives to the Natasha Denona formula even on the higher end.

Catrice 5 IN A BOX mini palette in 010 swatches



The colour selection in 010 is better and this is the palette I recommend. 070 is apparently inspired by the mini Retro palette, but both the pink and the khaki are not pigmented at all.


The eyeshadows contain rose oil and smell of roses. The mattes have the typical not pigmented drugstore formulation. The shimmers are pretty but not very intense.

Catrice 5 IN A BOX mini paltte in 070 swatches



The packaging is cute and travel friendly. You don’t get much product.

In a nutshell

The palettes are not a bad drugstore option but they can’t compare with the high-end eyeshadows. The mattes are quite disappointing.