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Rare beauty Soft Pinch Tinted lip oils in Delight and Wonder

Rare Beauty’s lip oils became a huge hit on TikTok, and I had high expectations for them. I acquired the shades Wonder and Delight. I like them as a product, but overall, I think they are slightly overhyped. Rare Beauty’s marketing trick is to release limited quantities, creating the illusion that every product of theirs is extraordinary and highly sought after.


I’m not a fan of the packaging because when you unscrew the cap, it opens by itself, and I end up smudging it every time. The mechanism aims to make the product feel luxurious, but it’s not practical. I do like that the packaging matches the product’s color.

Rare beauty Soft Pinch Tinted lip oils in Delight


The oil’s formula is genuinely interesting. When applied, it has a gel-like texture and a glossy effect; after about two hours, only a stain remains. The oil tingles very lightly and has a subtle plumping effect. It makes the lips look very good. The stain lasts for about 5 hours.

Rare beauty Soft Pinch Tinted lip oils in Wonder


I have the shades Wonder and Delight, but I also liked other colours. Many of the shades have a corresponding blush.

In summary:

Rare Beauty’s lip oil is an intriguing product. I prefer the formula of Fenty Poutsicle Lip Stain, but the colour selection there is limited.