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 Rouge Dior Baume in 688 Diorette


The new Dior lipsticks - Dior Rouge Baume are 2 in 1 product - a lip treatment and a lipstick in one. I have very dry lips and I was so excited to try them. I bought the shade 688 Diorette - a raspberry red colour.

Rouge Dior Baume comes in a classic elegant packaging, you get 3,2 g. of product. On the product you can see the Dior logo, but after you apply the lipstick once it is gone. This can at least guarantee you that the product hasn't been used by someone before you. I really like the formulation of these lipsticks, they feel like a lip balm on the lips and are slightly glossy. They smell of roses, the same scent as in the Rouge Dior creme de glosses, which I think are no longer available. There is rose water in this lipstick. The ingredients are quite good, I don't recongize anything harmful among them.

The shade 688 Diorette is one of the brighter colours. These lipsticks have medium coverage and in reality Diorette is a very wearable shade. If you expect this lipstick to be strongly pigmented you'll be disappointed. Like all hydrating lipsticks Rouge Rior Baume does not last that long. On me it lasts around 3 hours. Diorette is a bright shade so it leaves a stain behind for few more hours.

You'll like this lipstick if you are looking for a hydrating lip product which can be used every day. You won't like it if you're looking for a strongly pigmented lipstick that is long-lasting. I personally find it quite lovely, but again I like such lipsticks.

Rouge Dior Baume in 688 Diorette swatches